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Blue Trading Systems delivers comprehensive trading solutions to professional options traders. We offer robust, high-performance trading software developed alongside traders over a decade of profitable trading in the Chicago and New York derivatives markets.

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Options Trading Solutions

Powerful Analytics

BTS Edge offers unprecedented sophistication and flexibility in setting volatility curves and tuning their harmonized response to changes in market conditions, leading more quickly to prices that reflect true market value, increased traders' confidence, and more realistic, accurate risk reports.


Our system delivers the information required to make trading decisions and channels execution of those decisions faster than any other commercially available. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this to you with precise tools that measure speed objectively.


Our support team understands the urgent nature of your business. Courteous, knowledgeable help is delivered immediately, in a way befitting the honor you bestowed upon us when you licensed our product. Our goal is for you never to doubt the wisdom of that decision.

Competitive Pricing

We set our license fees to offer you the best value available. Our product will either cost you less for comparable functionality, or deliver superior functionality and performance for similar price.



I have been a long time user of BTS software since the early days of Blue Capital. For nearly 15 years, BTS software has been indispensable to me. Their systems are reliable, flexible and meet all of a modern trader's needs. Combined with their world class team of quants and support staff, BTS is sure to fit and enhance any trading style.

—Bobby Feinberg

“BTS's floor application is the best I have seen in over 10 years of floor trading. The user interface is very fast and provides a highly optimized trading workflow which allows me to identify and act on trading opportunities faster than competitors using slower systems.”

—Jimmy Lynch, SAJ

BTS Edge provides one of the most dynamic risk management tools the industry has to offer. As SPX Index Market Makers on the CBOE, fast and reliable data is crucial to our trading activity. BTS provides us with the ability to make adjustments and see the results in a swift time frame where speed is critical. We feel very comfortable knowing that the risk outputs are true given the assumptions we place into the system. The ability to adjust our volatility response is very helpful when we have big positions on and we need make adjustments to compensate for the change we foresee in volatility.

—Steve Balz, Risk Manager Alphagen Securities



Thirteen years and 3.5 billion contracts later, Advantage Futures has risen to become one of the highest volume futures clearing firms in the industry for a diverse and quickly expanding client base. Advantage Futures was founded on the principle that every client receive personalized client service, advanced technology and customizable back office operations. Every day, the Advantage Futures team provides comprehensive, technology-driven clearing and execution services to let traders like you focus on trading. Trade up to an FCM with a robust infrastructure, fast up-time and financial transparency.

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Ultra fast, single digit microsecond CME and ICE direct market data decoding

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